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KHS has been a leading provider of medical supplies and PPE during the covid-19 crisis and continues to present innovative solutions for all B2B clients the PCE (Post-Corona-Economy).  Reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (typically within minutes!).

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How to Place an Order

Step 1 - Know Yourself

We take orders directly from buyers OR the buyer mandate/representative. If you are a broker, please contact us for an NCNDA/IMFPA so we can deal with the buyer directly.

Step 2 - Know What You Need:

Please review our full catalog here. This is our real-time catalog. Please select what products you would like to order.

Step 3 - Know the Price

Fill our order placement form here with the selected items and quantities. You will receive a real-time price quote based on quantity and market conditions within 24 hours (often within 8 business hours).

Step 4 - Know the Process

ALL our orders follow the same process. 50% of the order value paid upfront, and 50% on delivery/pickup. For inventory on the ground, funds in Escrow will suffice. Lead times range from instant (when product is in stock) to 3-5 days (if we have to bring it our warehousing). All details are shared with buyer before the official Purchase Order is generated.

Step 5 - Know Your Protections

KHS is a US (Texas) based company. You will never be asked to send any funds overseas. All funds remain secure within the US tier 1 banking institutions throughout the transaction.

Step 6 -Know The Regulations

We ONLY sell products approved by the FDA straight from the manufacturing site. We do not work with any products that are being 'flipped' or 'resold' for profit. If you are looking to resell through us as a broker, we will refuse the transaction.

Or, if you have more questions, use the form below.

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Once you have downloaded the documents from above, please fill out the form below for the next steps in the process to complete your order.

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