brake covid testing

BRAKE, or Breath Related Aldehyde Ketone Evaluation, is a fully automated chemical lab-in-a-box that analyzes breath via a portable, mobile, miniature mass spectrometer.

This patented technology provides results in 3 minutes – faster than any other method!

Unlike PCR tests looking for RNA, or tests for antibodies and antigens, BRAKE checks for chemical differences in the breath profile resulting from COVID. And with >96% Specificity and >97% Sensitivity compared to PCR tests; BRAKE is among the most accurate real-time COVID tests available! 


1. Collect Samples

Subject exhales through their mouth into a tube connected to the test kit, much like blowing up a balloon.

2. Chemistry

Chemistry in the subjects breath is captured on the patent pending inspectir systems device.

3. Analyze

Patent pending measurement process runs. Allowing identification and quantification of Covid-19 markers and spectrometry.

4. Results

Inpectir systems device analyzes and displays results utilizing proprietary software.

Total Elapsed Time: 3 Minutes

The Science

The BRAKE device is an ingenious combination of patented hardware, proprietary software, and cutting edge co-relative measurement techniques.

As opposed to traditional testing methods that look for limited biological data (such as presence of virus DNA/RNA etc) or ‘agnostic’ body response (such as Anti-gen/Anti-body), the BRAKE test looks at very specific chemical signatures caused specifically by Covid-19.
As published in the Royal Social of Chemistry’s Analyst by Dr. G Verbeck and team, tens of chemical changes can be identified in the body due to the Covid-19 infection:

Of the available methods to check for these chemical changes, the most efficacious also happens to be the most non-invasive – the breath.

We have identified the 21 chemical signature fragments that can be analyzed via a Mass Spectrometer to determine with extremely high likelihood the status Covid-19 infection in a subject. 

The final piece of the puzzle is getting the breath into the mass spectrometer, which is accomplished with our patented mechanism. 

Through electric flash-heat and high-vacuum environment manipulation, the BRAKE device can collect and analyze the breath sample in real time.

Our proprietary software then reads the mass spec output to immediately determine if the subject is covid-19 positive or negative. 

More details on the device and complete publications of the RSC Analyst article and patent can be found here.

Comparison Test Results

Between May and August, 2020, a study of 323 participants was conducted to compare BRAKE to PCR tests to determine the reliability of identifying COVID-19. The following represents the BRAKE results:

The Pricing

One the greatest accomplishments of the BRAKE device is not just the greater accuracy, lower invasiveness, and non-clinical environment but rather the commercial structure that allows us to offer this testing mechanism at significantly lower costs than other testing options.

In a high-volume setting, a single device can test up to 12 subjects per hour without the requirement of clinical setting or personnel.
The device is designed to be operated 24/7 with no downtimes and is entirely self-cleaning due to the flash heating of samples and high vacuum exhaust mechanisms. Just add disposable straws!

Compared to PCR ($150+) and Anti-gen testing ($50+) options, this is a lower cost while presenting the most accurate, real time testing available today!

Whether you are a small business, an event organizer, a medical location, a commercial building, or a large scale public location such as Cruise Lines or Airports…BRAKE is your ultimate testing tool to put the brakes on Covid-19!

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